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The Story Lab is Surf Sisters for Science’s intersectional storytelling program. We elevate place-bound stories of environmental change rooted in diverse knowledge perspectives. Through The Story Lab, we are bridging story with science for a deeper understanding of

how the environment is changing and why it matters.

The Story Lab Method was designed based on citizen climate journalism values, knowledge bridging techniques, indigenous methodologies, and feminist critiques of epistemological equity.  We interview folks about the environmental changes they are witnessing and why it matters. Through this knowledge bridging process,  we co-produce a more textured understanding of climate change and how it is impacting coastal communities. And while our storytellers are not exclusively folks who identify as indigenous, we do prioritize stories of change from indigenous perspectives. 

The Story Lab: Ocean is focused on a source of expert experiential knowledge about the changing oceans- surfers! Surfers are ocean watchers. Because of this, surfers are an incredible source of knowledge about the changes happening in the oceans and coastal areas. Contamination, development, changing marine life, warmer water, monster waves, dead zones - surfers not only see it, they experience it. Surfers, divers, and fishers from climate hot spots around the world are invited to participate in The Story Lab: Ocean. 

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