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see the world and make a difference. 

Surfer - Top View
Red parrot in the rain. Macaw parrot fly
Young girls in bikini have fun - surfers
Baby turtles making it's way to the ocea
Surfboard Fins
Paddleboard on Shore
Amazon Jungle  Yasuni, Ecuador.jpg


Our goal is to balance epic adventure with meaningful environmental service. 

To be a true protector of the earth, you must experience her. SS4S Adventures are where that magic happens. Each SS4S Adventure takes you to an amazing place where you can be immersed in the beauty of the natural environment. We will surf, SUP, trek, eat delicious local cuisine, have on-site yoga, see the sights, and have opportunities to be still. We partner with trusted local guides in each location to ensure that you have the most amazing, most authentic, and safest experience possible - and the most fun! The result is a deeper relationship with the natural environment - an intentional engagement with the beauty of the natural world.

Not a surfer? We've got you covered with surf lessons and surf coaches. Jungle newbie? Don't fret, you're in good hands with our seasoned guides. Check out our upcoming adventures to see the unique offerings for each location and to scope out our local adventure parters!

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